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We understand that when you book an event there’s so much work involved pre-planning  that you’d like to just come to your own party and celebrate with your loved ones without all the extra duties involved to make sure the event flows stress free so you can totally let your hair down.

If you’d like to book a member of our wonderful team to be your hostess for your event then they can be there to greet you and handover all your extra hires ready for your set up, to help with any styling and to be ready for your caterers arrival or other vendors like decorators / DJ etc

They can greet your guests on arrival, show them around, answer any enquiries about the venue and facilities, work closely with your vendors (when the music needs to be reduced etc) assist with the flow and the tidy up throughout your event disposing of paper plates / cans / bottles and thanking your guests as they leave making sure they know how to get home from here (directing to train station etc)

They are available from the start to the end of your event right through to the end and can be added onto your booking for $60 an hour.

An event host is an individual responsible for overseeing and managing the various aspects of an event (please discuss) . They are the face of the event, interacting with guests, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

We have found that when a venue host is present that this takes the stress off the organiser, as many times the hirer turns up without a knife to cut the cake, or containers for the leftovers, extra toilet paper might need filling up , things you don’t want to have on your mind so having an event host present can make a difference to your celebrations.
Also all of our event host bookings so far have had a full bond refunded due to the assistance throughout the night and smooth running with a 100% tidy up completed as guests leave.

Contact us for more details about this extra service and what you would like our host to assist you with for your event so we can ensure if it’s to hand out drinks etc then we will roster on the correct host for your event (RSA certified)

If you’d like to discuss with Renee please book in to see her so she can go over your timeline plan for the event and co-ordinate a plan that suits you where you feel you would benefit from having a host present.

this is an hourly fee for 1 host

if more than one host is required / bar attendant / server etc please discuss with Renee

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